Compress PDFs Online

Sometimes you end up with this huge gigantic ridiculously large PDF document that you need to share with others over email, upload or submit and you can’t due to it’s large size.

Most of the times the document size can be dramatically shrinked with the help of a PDF compression tool.

Our chosen tool for this is Sejda’s PDF Compress.

Compression options

Images are usually the primary cause for the large PDF document size. 

Image resolution

A common way to decrease their size is to lower their resolution to something around 150 ppi, which should be fine for email and computer screens.

Image quality

Sometimes images are encoded with a very high quality. Decreasing that to a lower quality level (say 85%) will not have a noticeable effect on the image itself, but only on the file size.


Another handy trick is to convert all images to grayscale from color, effectively reducing the size of the image.

Give it a try, reduce the size of your PDF online.