Compress PDFs Online

Sometimes you end up with this huge gigantic ridiculously large PDF document that you need to share with others over email, upload or submit and you can’t due to it’s large size.

Most of the times the document size can be dramatically shrinked with the help of a PDF compression tool.

Our chosen tool for this is Sejda’s PDF Compress.

Compression options

Images are usually the primary cause for the large PDF document size. 

Image resolution

A common way to decrease their size is to lower their resolution to something around 150 ppi, which should be fine for email and computer screens.

Image quality

Sometimes images are encoded with a very high quality. Decreasing that to a lower quality level (say 85%) will not have a noticeable effect on the image itself, but only on the file size.


Another handy trick is to convert all images to grayscale from color, effectively reducing the size of the image.

Give it a try, reduce the size of your PDF online.

Filling PDF Forms with Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat from Adobe is a popular tool for working with PDF documents. 

With Acrobat you can fill interactive and non-interactive forms in PDF documents. The difference between the interactive and the non-interactive is that the first one contains easy to fill form fields, while the other doesn’t.

Interactive forms

If your document contains interactive forms, just click the form inputs and type your values. Easy as 1-2-3.


Non-interactive forms

If you document contains forms that are meant to be printed and filled in with a pen, you’ll still be able to fill them digitally, using the text tool and helper form objects.


How to Fill PDF Forms Online

Sometimes we need to fill a digital form, that’s delivered as a PDF document. A common example is the tax return 1040 form.

Sejda’s PDF Editor can help you fill PDF forms online.

Step 1

Open your PDF document in the editor. You can upload a file from your local computer or pick one from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 2

Fill form fields. Click on the form fields, the start typing, just as you would with any other web-based form.


Step 3

Click Save and wait for the task to complete, then click Download to retrieve your updated document to your computer.

That’s it, quite simple and easy to use. 

Fill PDF Forms Online